Package net.sf.saffron.oj

Provides a bridge between the OpenJava model of Java syntax and the Saffron relational optimizer.


Interface Summary
OJConnectionRegistry.ExpressionFunctor Yields an expression for a JDBC data source when given expressions for the Saffron connection and a JDBC connect string.
OJTypeFactory Extended SaffronTypeFactory which can convert to and from OJClass.

Class Summary
OJConnectionRegistry Collection of saffron connections, and the expression by which they can be accessed.
OJConnectionRegistry.ConnectionInfo Properties of a SaffronConnection.
OJPlannerFactory OJPlannerFactory implements VolcanoPlannerFactory by constructing planners initialized to handle all calling conventions, rules, and relational expressions needed to preprocess Saffron extended Java.
OJPlannerFactory.DistinctToExistsRule Rule to translate a JavaDistinctRel into a JavaExistsRel, provided that the select list contains zero columns.
OJPlannerFactory.OneRowToJavaRule Converts a OneRowRel to Java calling convention.
OJPlannerFactory.ProjectToJavaRule Converts a ProjectRel to Java calling convention.
OJPlannerFactory.TableAccessToJavaRule Rule to converts a TableAccessRel to Java calling convention.
OJPlannerFactory.UnionToIteratorRule Rule to converts a UnionRel to iterator calling convention.
OJPlannerFactory.UnionToJavaRule Rule to converts a UnionRel to Java calling convention.
OJTypeFactoryImpl Implementation of SaffronTypeFactory based upon OpenJava's type system.
OJValidator OJValidator makes sure that an expression is valid.

Package net.sf.saffron.oj Description

Provides a bridge between the OpenJava model of Java syntax and the Saffron relational optimizer.


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