Class ProjectRel

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public class ProjectRel
extends ProjectRelBase

ProjectRel is a relational expression which computes a set of 'select expressions' from its input relational expression.

The result is usually 'boxed' as a record with one named field for each column; if there is precisely one expression, the result may be 'unboxed', and consist of the raw value type.

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exps, fieldNames, flags
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cluster, digest, emptyArray, id, nextId, rowType
Constructor Summary
ProjectRel(VolcanoCluster cluster, SaffronRel child, RexNode[] exps, String[] fieldNames, int flags)
          Creates a Project.
Method Summary
 Object clone()
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computeSelfCost, defineTerms, deriveRowType, explain, getChildExps, getFieldNames, getFlags, implementFieldAccess, isBoxed
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childrenAccept, getInputs, getRows, replaceInput
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computeDigest, getCluster, getConvention, getCorrelVariable, getId, getInput, getOrCreateCorrelVariable, getQualifier, getQuery, getRelTypeName, getRowType, getTable, getVariablesStopped, implement, isAccessTo, isDistinct, onRegister, recomputeDigest, register, registerCorrelVariable, setCorrelVariable, toString
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Constructor Detail


public ProjectRel(VolcanoCluster cluster,
                  SaffronRel child,
                  RexNode[] exps,
                  String[] fieldNames,
                  int flags)
Creates a Project.

cluster - VolcanoCluster this relational expression belongs to
child - input relational expression
exps - set of expressions for the input columns
fieldNames - aliases of the expressions
flags - values as in ProjectRelBase.Flags
Method Detail


public Object clone()
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clone in class SaffronRel