Package net.sf.saffron.ext

Interface Summary
JdbcSchema A JdbcSchema is a schema against a JDBC database and for which, therefore, we will need to generate SQL.

Class Summary
AbstractTable A AbstractTable is a partial implementation of SaffronTable.
ClassSchema A ClassSchema is a schema whose tables are reflections of the the public fields of a given class.
ExtentRel ExtentRel represents all of the instances of a particular class (including subtypes).
ExtentTable ExtentTable is a relational expression formed by all of the instances of a given class.
JdbcConnection A JdbcConnection is an implementation of SaffronConnection which gets its data from a JDBC database.
JdbcTable A JdbcTable implements SaffronTable by connecting to a JDBC database.
JdbcTable.JdbcColumn JdbcColumn records the mapping of fields onto columns, for the purposes of SQL generation.
LocaleMin LocaleMin is an example of a custom aggregation.
Median Median is an aggregation which returns the Median of a set of points.
Nth Nth is an example of a custom aggregation.
ObjectSchema ObjectSchema implements SaffronSchema by calling Java methods.
ObjectTable ObjectTable is a component of an ObjectSchema.
ReflectSchema Schema which uses reflection to find definitions of tables.