Package net.sf.saffron.core

Defines core Saffron interfaces which can be extended by applications.


Interface Summary
AggregationExtender An AggregationExtender allows end-users to define their own aggregate functions.
ImplementableTable An ImplementableTable is a SaffronTable which can be scanned without any filters.
SaffronConnection A connection to Saffron database.
SaffronField The definition of a field in a SaffronType.
SaffronPlanner A SaffronPlanner is a query optimizer: it transforms a relational expression into a semantically equivalent relational expression, according to a given set of rules and a cost model.
SaffronSchema A SaffronSchema is a set of SaffronTable objects.
SaffronTable Represents a relational dataset in a SaffronSchema.
SaffronType The type of a scalar expression or a row returned from a relational expression.
SaffronTypeFactory Creates types.
SaffronTypeFactory.FieldInfo Callback which provides enough information to create fields.

Class Summary
EmptySaffronConnection A saffron connection which doesn't have any objects available.
PlanWriter Callback for an expression to dump itself to.
SaffronConnectionDecorator Base for a class which wraps a SaffronConnection and extends its functionality.
SaffronTypeFactoryImpl Skeletal implementation of SaffronTypeFactory.
SaffronTypeFactoryImpl.FieldImpl Simple implementation of SaffronField

Package net.sf.saffron.core Description

Defines core Saffron interfaces which can be extended by applications.


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