Package openjava.syntax

Interface Summary
SyntaxRule The interface SyntaxRule represents a syntax rule.
TokenID Contains constants for lexical tokens.
TokenSource A stream of Tokens.

Class Summary
AbstractSyntaxRule The interface AbstractSyntaxRule represents a syntax rule.
BlockRule Syntax rule concerning a Block.
CompositeRule The class CompositeRule represents iterative syntax rule.
DefaultListRule Simple syntax rule for handling lists.
ExpressionListRule Syntax rule concerning lists of expressions.
ExpressionRule Syntax rule concerning expressions.
IdentifierRule The class IdentifierRule represents syntax rule of Identifier.
IterationRule The class IterationRule represents iterative syntax rule.
JavaSyntaxRules Utility methods for syntax rules.
NameRule Syntax rule concerning identifiers.
PrepPhraseRule The class PrepPhraseRule represents the syntax rule of a prepositional phrase.
RestorableTokenSource A TokenSource which can be back-tracked.
SelectionRule The class SelectionRule represents selective syntax rule.
SeparatedListRule The class SeparatedListRule represents the syntax rule of a list separated by an separator.
StatementRule Syntax rule concerning Statements.
TokenRule The class TokenRule represents the syntax rule of a list separated by an separator.
TypeNameRule Syntax rule concerning type names.

Exception Summary
SyntaxException Exception which occurs while processing syntax rules.