Class TableReference

All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, Expression, ParseTree, VariableInitializer

public class TableReference
extends FieldAccess

TableReference specialized FieldAccess to hold information about the table being accessed.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class openjava.ptree.NonLeaf
Fields inherited from class openjava.ptree.ParseTreeObject
debugFlag, debugLevel, LN, out, writerStack
Constructor Summary
TableReference(Expression expr, String schemaName, String tableName)
          An access to the specified table.
Method Summary
 boolean equals(ParseTree o)
          Tests if this parse-tree-node's value equals to the specified ptree-node's.
 String getQualifier()
 OJClass getType(Environment env)
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Constructor Detail


public TableReference(Expression expr,
                      String schemaName,
                      String tableName)
An access to the specified table.

Method Detail


public String getQualifier()


public boolean equals(ParseTree o)
Description copied from interface: ParseTree
Tests if this parse-tree-node's value equals to the specified ptree-node's.

Specified by:
equals in interface ParseTree
equals in class FieldAccess
true if two values are same.


public OJClass getType(Environment env)
                throws Exception
Specified by:
getType in interface Expression
getType in class FieldAccess