Package net.sf.saffron.util

Interface Summary
EnumeratedValues.Value A Value represents a member of an enumerated type.
MethodCallTestCase.Dispatcher A class implementing Dispatcher calls a method from within its own security context.
OptionsList.OptionHandler Handles the event of setting options.
Walkable Objects which can be tree-walked by Walker.

Class Summary
BarfingInvocationHandler A class derived from BarfingInvocationHandler handles a method call by looking for a method in itself with identical parameters.
BinaryHeap A BinaryHeap is a heap implementation of a priority queue.
DelegatingInvocationHandler A class derived from DelegatingInvocationHandler handles a method call by looking for a method in itself with identical parameters.
EnumeratedValues EnumeratedValues is a helper class for declaring a set of symbolic constants which have names, ordinals, and possibly descriptions.
EnumeratedValues.BasicValue BasicValue is an obvious implementation of EnumeratedValues.Value.
Glossary A collection of terms.
Graph A Graph is a collection of directed arcs between nodes, and supports various graph-theoretic operations.
Graph.Arc An Arc is a directed link between two nodes.
JdbcDataSource Adapter to make a JDBC connection into a DataSource.
MainApp Abstract base class for a Java application invoked from the command-line.
MethodCallTestCase A MethodCallTestCase is a TestCase which invokes a method on an object.
MultiMap Map which contains more than one value per key.
MultiMap.ValueList Holder class, ensures that user's values are never interpreted as multiple values.
OptionsList Command-line option parser.
OptionsList.Option Definition of a command-line option, including its short and long names, description, default value, and whether it is mandatory.
OptionsListTest Unit test for OptionsList.
OptionsListTest.StringBufferOptionsHandler Implementation of OptionsList.OptionHandler which writes to a buffer.
SaffronProperties Provides an environment for debugging information, et cetera, used by saffron.
SaffronResource todo:
Util Miscellaneous utility functions.
Walker Walks over a tree, returning nodes in prefix order.