Package net.sf.saffron.runtime

Interface Summary
Infinite Infinite is an empty interface which informs the optimizer that an Iterator will -- or may -- never end.
Iterable An object is Iterable if it has an Iterable.iterator() method to create an Iterator over its elements.
IteratorResultSet.ColumnGetter A ColumnGetter retrieves a column from an input row based upon its 1-based ordinal.

Class Summary
AggAndAcc AggAndAcc holds an instance of an AggregationExtender and its associated accumulator.
ArrayIterator For testing.
BufferedIterator BufferedIterator converts a regular iterator into one which implements Iterable (and Enumeration for good measure).
BufferedIterator.Clonerator Reads from an iterator, duplicating elements into a list as it does so.
CalcIterator CalcIterator is an abstract base for iterator implementations generated by IterCalcRel.
CompoundIterator CompoundIterator creates an iterator out of several.
EnumerationIterator EnumerationIterator is an adapter which converts an Enumeration into an Iterator.
HashableArray HashableArray provides a Object[] with a HashableArray.hashCode() and an HashableArray.equals(java.lang.Object) function, so it can be used as a key in a Hashtable.
Holder A set of classes for holding primitive objects.
IteratorResultSet A IteratorResultSet is an adapter which converts a Iterator into a ResultSet.
IteratorResultSet.FieldGetter A FieldGetter retrieves each public field as a separate column.
IteratorResultSet.SingletonColumnGetter A SingletonColumnGetter retrieves the object itself.
IteratorResultSet.SyntheticColumnGetter A SyntheticColumnGetter retrieves columns from a synthetic object.
QueueIterator Adapter which exposes a 'push' producer on one thread into an Iterator for use by another thread.
ResultSetIterator A ResultSetIterator is an adapter which converts a ResultSet to a Iterator.
Row When a relational expression obeys the result set calling convention, and does not explicitly specify a row type, the results are object of type Row.
SaffronUtil Miscellaneous utility functions used by generated code.
SyntheticObject SyntheticObject is a base class for all objects built 'on the fly' by the saffron system.
ThreadIterator ThreadIterator converts 'push' code to 'pull'.
ThreadIterator.Test Test harness for ThreadIterator.
VarDecl An array of VarDecls is returned from the dummy() method which is generated to implement a variable declaration, or a list of statements which contain variable declarations.

Error Summary
SaffronError SaffronError indicates a runtime error within Saffron library code or generated code.