Class EmptyStatement

All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, ParseTree, Statement

public class EmptyStatement
extends NonLeaf
implements Statement

The EmptyStatement class represents an empty statement node of parse tree.

See Also:
NonLeaf, Statement

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class openjava.ptree.NonLeaf
Fields inherited from class openjava.ptree.ParseTreeObject
debugFlag, debugLevel, LN, out, writerStack
Constructor Summary
          Allocates a new object.
Method Summary
 void accept(ParseTreeVisitor v)
          Accepts a ParseTreeVisitor object as the role of a Visitor in the Visitor pattern, as the role of an Element in the Visitor pattern.
 void writeCode()
          Writes the code this parse-tree presents for.
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childrenAccept, childrenAreEqual, elementAt, equals, getComment, getContents, getLength, getRowType, makeRecursiveCopy, replaceChildWith, set, set, set, set, set, set, set, set, set, setComment, setElementAt
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childrenAccept, eq, equals, getObjectID, makeCopy, makeRecursiveCopy, replace, toFlattenString, toString

Constructor Detail


public EmptyStatement()
Allocates a new object.

Method Detail


public void writeCode()
Description copied from class: NonLeaf
Writes the code this parse-tree presents for.

Specified by:
writeCode in interface ParseTree
writeCode in class NonLeaf


public void accept(ParseTreeVisitor v)
            throws ParseTreeException
Description copied from interface: ParseTree
Accepts a ParseTreeVisitor object as the role of a Visitor in the Visitor pattern, as the role of an Element in the Visitor pattern.

This invoke an appropriate visit() method on the accepted visitor.

Specified by:
accept in interface ParseTree
Specified by:
accept in class ParseTreeObject
v - a visitor